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Relaxation sanctuary

We are dedicated working with you to design the best treatment plan that is compatible to your needs. We strive to help clients feel connected to their body again and leaving their stress behind. Sage and Stone Massage Therapy offers an affordable sanctuary of tranquility, where you can spend time  away from the daily grind.  

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are relocating 

 to North Park

If you have any  Groupon Vouchers that are not redeemed, you can have the vouchers refunded

Please contact Groupon to issue a refund. If you have vouchers that have one or two massages left, you can book your appointment at the book your appointment at the North Park location.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: (619) 565-9161 or

* Coronavirus

Though we have plans to open our Massage practice in April, we are

mandated by CAMTC Board to suspend  all massage services until further notice. We want to ensure client safety and maintain healthy immunity for all patrons. We will keep you updated if any changes occurs during this time.



A Unique Approach

We offer massage bundles of three and six. For more information please feel free to contact us.

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Deep Tissue

Muscle rehabilitation

Deep tissue massage involves firm pressure combined with effluerage  stokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. This works best for chronic aches and pains.

Package series of three 60 mins $270

Package Series of three 90 mins $360

Package Series 120 mins $390

Swedish Massage

Circulation and relaxation

Swedish massage helps increase blood circulation, decrease stress and improve range of motion. This more a soothing  gentle massage for those seeking relaxation.

Package series of three 60 mins $240

Package series of three 90 mins $300

Package series of three 120 mins $330

Lymphatic Massage

Detox wellness

Lymphatic massage is a form of light touch massage that encourages movement around the lymph nodes. Benefits of this massage promotes  removal of toxic waste and build up from the body. Lymphatic drainage can benefit people with autoimmune conditions and post-operation.
*Note: highly not recommended for those with blood clots, congested heart failure, infections or any circulatory medical conditions.

Package series of three 60 mins $210

Package series of three 75 mins $246

Package series of three 90 mins $330

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Therapuetic massage.jpg

Sports Massage

Athletic performance

Sports massage helps alleviate pain and prevents injuries that affect  flexibility, mobility, response time and peak athletic  performance. This is an ideal treatment for pre-sporting events.

Package series of three 60 mins $270

Package series of three 90 mins $345

Package series of three 120 mins $360

Prenatal Massage

Nurture the mother in you

Prenatal massage  can reduce stress hormones in your body and relieve muscle tension. Note: Massage is not recommended during the first trimester. In addition, essential oils are also not recommended during the first trimester.

Package Series of three 60 mins $225

Package series of three 75 mins $ 240

Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic massage is a combination of techniques utilizing Trigger Point, Myofascial, and Swedish massage for specific areas of concentration. 

Package series of three 60 mins $240

Package series of three 90 mins $330

Package series of three 120 mins $360


Add on Treatment Options
Customize your Session with Additional Services

Come in stressed. Leave revitalized.

Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. We offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time. Get in touch with us today to see how we can create a personal plan for your specific needs. These are 30 mins add-ons.
*Please be advise for add-on services, add-on service could only be applied to 60, 90, or 120 mins services.


Zone therapy

Reflexology is noninvasive therapy in which pressure is applied to the hands and feet. Specific points are connected to certain organs and the body systems. With this treatment, aroma therapy is included in this service to further help you feel more stress-free. 
*Note :  not recommended during pregnancy, circulatory aliments, gout and blood clots. Price: $25.00

Detox foot treatments


Need some grounding? 

 You have a choice between the two following two treatments:

1. Rose mud wrap is a hydrating treatment designed to refine and soften your skin. 

2. Black Baltic mud wrap promotes detoxification, unclogging impurities and  improve skin texture. 

*Note: not recommended for those with shellfish allergies.

Price: $45.00

Asian Fire Cupping

An Ancient Science

Cupping enhances blood circulation and releasing residual scar tissue. it is a great way to release those stubborn knots.
*Note not recommended for those with circulatory medical conditions, cancer and pregnancy.
Price: $20.00

Hot Stone

Melt those knots away..........

Hot stones have a sedative effect that can soothe chronic pain. In addition, promotes health circulation throughout the body. Stones are only applied to targeted areas that need special attention.

*Note: Not recommended for those taking blood thinners, had surgery in the last six weeks and diabetes.

Price: $30.00


Price List

*All appointments need to be held with a credit card

Swedish Massage

60min $80/90min $100/120min $110

Deep Tissue Massage

60mins $90/90mins $120/120mins $130

Therapeutic Massage

60mins $80/90min $110/120min $120

Sports Massage

60mins $90/90mins $115/120min $120

Lymphatic Massage

60mins $70/75 mins $85/90mins $110

Prenatal Massage

60min $75/75mins $80

*Refer a client and you receive $15 off your next visit

*$20 off for active duty military

Cancellation policy: client has 24 hours to cancel the appointment. If no show, no call, client will be charged full price for the service. Last minute cancellation will be charged half price.

If your massage therapist cancels on you, then you receive $20.00 off your next appointment.

*Gratuity is not included with any of our massage services. All gratuities are at the client's discretion and is greatly appreciated.



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